A lot has happened during the past year. It looks like the downtown location will fade into High River's pre-flood history. Through the few years that the downtown location was in operation we helped a lot of young musicians develop into excellent players.We helped a lot of adults improve as players. It was a lot of fun for me and the other teachers. Good music was played.

Good music is still going on. High River has a long local music tradition going back to the late 40s. Before the flood, open mics, jam sessions and kitchen parties were poular around town. Those music sessions never stopped during the flood recovery.They're still going on. They have alway been a big part of the culture of High River. High River is a musical community.That is one of the reasons so many well known musicians are comfortable making High River their home.

I have spent this past year getting settled in, teaching some guitar lessons, and rehearsing with my band, The Hamiltones. Lots of good music is getting played. I am enjoying it.

I currently have room for a few new students. If you are interested in setting up a lesson appointment call or send me an email.
phone: 403-649-8352 email:

Mel Wilson
February, 2016

Last update February, 2016