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Shifflett 20 String Harp Guitar
This is a 'one of a kind instrument'. Of course the concept is an amalgam of what I have learned from many who have gone before,- Chris Knutsen, Dyer, Martin, Gibson, Elliott, John Sullivan, and even Mario Maccaferri.
It seems to be fashionable to call yourself a luthier these days, but there are quite a few different breeds of cat, who call themselves "luthier". Some are repairers only, (and that is fine there is plenty of challenge in the repair field)! Some focus on a couple of models and "jig up" trying to make a little more money. And who could blame them, but honestly, trying to make money as a luthier is like trying to get blood out of a turnip. So even though there is less money building one-of-a-kind instruments, for me this is where the joy is.
Shifflett 5 string Banjo
The design for this Banjo resonator was a collaboration between myself and the customer, Gordie Sadler, (Vancouver B.C. Canada) The hardware was from 'First Quality Banjo parts' and was hand engraved before it was plated. True to their name the sound is very pleasing.
-More, on Repairs...
I do quite a bit of repair work. Because my training is founded on the Spanish tradition, I do quite a bit of work on classic and flamenco guitars. I'm also affiliated with some bluegrass music organisations and as such have come to specialise somewhat in Martin neck resets, bridge/intonation problems etc. I do lots of fret dressings, refrets, lose bridges, crack repairs (this is a very dry climate), and the usual fare of most lutherie shops. Because of a skill with older types of finishes and a familiarity with hide glue, I do some work on double bass, cello, violin, and yes some restoration work too.

I will be happy to take the time to talk to you about possible commissions, restorations, and repairs, including prices. And yes you are welcome to visit my home & shop. And you are most welcome to bring your teacher, friend, and spouse .

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