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The most common body shape for north american built guitars is the shape made popular by Martin, & called a "dreadnought". The majority of factory made guitars utilise a tapered dovetail neck to body join which has been cost efficient for assembly lines, but has a long history of structural failure over time. Not that it can't be fitted well, but that it often hasn't been.

I have also built the 'dreadnought' shape but although external appearances are somewhat similar, my construction techniques are quite different. Most notably, I prefer the same "Spanish style" of neck to body join that I use on Classic & Flamenco guitars. I'm also into thin back & sides, very thin finishes, and exotic hardwood bindings (instead of plastic).

Mother-of-pearl inlay into ebony head plate and fingerboard. This is the rest of the guitar from the first page. If your monitor is even worse than mine you may have to squint to see a cowboy on horseback on the head stock. For position markers it is a cowboy on horseback roping a calf that is running over the 12th fret. Commissioned by Charlie Ewing of 'The Dirty Hat Band'.
Below, is another 'dreadnought' style, steel string guitar, (though this one has a 'cutaway'). The back and sides and neck are of flamed Big Leaf Maple, binding is Ceylon Ebony.
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