Mel, Julian, & Dave
Mel Wilson
Julian Kerr
Dave Hamilton
The Hamiltone Trio

Dave Hamilton, Mel Wilson, and Julian Kerr met in the 1980's.

You'll hear Hot Club music as well as swing of several kinds….from big band to western swing!

Dave has played guitar professionally for over 30 years, and has been producing music in his Hamiltone Productions Studio since 1990. Over the years he has been required to play country, country-rock, pop, jazz and western swing so the man does know his way around music styles.

Dave Hamilton has been producing music since the early 1980's and has owned and operated his own studio, Hamilton Productions, since 1990. For over 30 years he has been playing guitar professionally and he has won the "Alberta Instrumentalist of the Year" award three consecutive years (1990 / 91 / 92). Over the years Dave has played Country, Country Rock, Pop Music, Jazz, Western Swing and various other styles of music that he can delve into for inspiration.

Julian Kerr is a professional musician who has played piano, bass, and guitar for over 30 years. Julian has played with such notables as the Original Cast (One Tin Soldier & Mr. Monday - gold record hits) also with Gay Delorme, Bo Diddley, as well as numerous Calgary bands. Veteran of many recording sessions with various artists, Julian is grateful for the knowledge and experience gained from playing with so many talented musicians. Julian's been teaching for the past 10 years; and his students enjoy developing their skills with his gentle humor and support.

Mel Wilson has played with such luminaries as Diamond Joe White, Ian Tyson and Amos Garrett.

(Mel) Wilson's been playing guitar since he was 12, after seven years of playing piano. He went to Midwestern University in his native Texas, studying music, but not guitar. "I did woodwind, if you can believe that, I play clarinet," he said with a laugh.

He's been a professional musician since he was 15 and has played with many illustrious musicians through the years, including a long stint in Ian Tyson's band. He plays what he calls "traditional country," nothing like what he says you hear these days. "What they call country music today is pop that wasn't good enough to play on pop stations so they call it country," he said with a laugh.

He cites some of his main influences as Merle Haggard, Tom Waits, and Hank Williams Sr. He said a few years ago he got to play a set with Don Helms, the steel guitar player for the Drifting Cowboys, Williams' band.
Excerpt from the High River Times

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